The Medieval and Early Modern Student Association (MEMSA) lies at the heart of postgraduate participation within the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies (IMEMS). Echoing the example set by the Institute, MEMSA is fully interdisciplinary in nature, involving postgraduates from the Departments of History, English Studies, Theology, Archaeology, Classics, Philosophy, and the School of Modern Languages and Cultures. All postgraduates working on material pertaining to the Medieval, Renaissance, and Early Modern periods, whether reading for taught or research degrees are invited and warmly welcomed.

The group is run purely by postgraduates under the encouragement of the Institute. It offers a strong postgraduate voice to the research conducted within IMEMS and is represented at all IMEMS General Meetings, providing an opportunity to communicate any postgraduate opinions to the Institute’s Officers on matters relating specifically to postgraduate activities centred on the study of the Medieval and Early Modern periods.

The primary aim of the group is to promote the sharing of the ideas, questions, and challenges emerging from research into the Medieval and Early Modern periods, with the aim of initiating and galvanising conversations across disciplines. In addition, MEMSA is dedicated to providing warm and supportive relations between MA students and the wider postgraduate research community. The group hosts a vibrant and varied series of fortnightly seminars which are augmented by regular social events and celebrated with the annual summer conference. In addition, there are many other conferences and workshops taking place throughout the year, both within the University and further afield, in which MEMSA also participates.

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We hope to see you at one of our events soon!