Related and Interesting Blogs

As an expression of, or remedy of sorts for, academe, several Durham students have begun blogs, linked below. If you wish to linked on this page, please contact us. Also linked below are some interesting blogs from external sources.

The Durham Circle

Original Virtue: thoughts and arguments on things medieval and why it’s important that we study and teach and engage with them, with some general dissent and digression along the way.

A Frivolous Endeavour: essays on the early medieval Irish, Insular issues, some light linguistics, and efforts to dispel popular myths (Celts? In Ireland? Never!).

Rozier Historian: ideas and useful tools for getting everyone more into history across the UK and beyond!

Medieval Thought: thoughts on the medieval period, the odd bit of information about conferences, a few guest bloggers, and no doubt expressions of academic frustration from time to time.

Roman Binchester: a blog about the major new field project at the Roman fort of Binchester (Co. Durham), run jointly by Durham County Council, the Dept. of Archaeology, Durham University, the Dept. of Classics, Stanford University, and the Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland. It will communicate news, events, and, once the field season starts, a daily update of the discoveries on site. To find out more visit our website

Research in English at Durham (READ):  an insight into the literary research emerging from Durham University’s Department of English Studies, from Anglo-Saxon sagas to contemporary world fiction.

Centre for the Medical Humanities: a dynamic space for conversation about the emerging field of the medical humanities at Durham, which will also introduce ongoing research, calls for papers, short reviews on publications and conferences, updates on events and exhibitions of interest, and opinion pieces about all matters related to the medical humanities.


External Blogs

Hortulus: the Online Graduate Journal of Medieval Studies is a refereed journal devoted to the literature and cultures of the medieval world. Published electronically once a year, its mission is to present a forum in which graduate students from around the globe may share their work.

Postgraduate Journal of Medieval Studies: a platform for students of Medieval Studies to publish their work.

Sign of the Pilgrim: wanderings and ramblings through merrie England.

A Corner of Tenth Century Europe: an early medievalist’s thoughts and ponderings, by Jonathan Jarrett.

Please note that these blogs are the intellectual property of their authors, and that the views and opinions expressed within are not necessarily those of MEMSA or Durham University. That said, MEMSA encourages the freedom of expression in both academic and public spheres.

Other Durham Opportunities

A variety of reading groups at Durham University have blogs to follow:

Latin Palaeography Reading Group


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